Better information means better decisions.

GIS and software development

At OpS-IN we collect, analyze and visualize your topographic, environmental, demographic and land use data, to help you with your business decisions and project management.

Website and app development

We specialize in development of high end, user-oriented, and scale-able web and app design, by creating beautiful interfaces that are functional and easy to use. We like to listen our clients and develop based on their specific needs.

Consulting and Training services

We are offering individual consulting of actual problems, we will assist you in identifying needs and selecting tools to set up your projects. Introduction to open source spatial software, GIS for beginners and advanced users, is our primary training focus.

Linux System Administration

We want you to focus on your business and let us deal with server troubles, issues and bugs on your websites. Our team is specialized in arranging Linux system for different applications and handle complicated server migrations with ease.

floss gis solutions

We connect your data with geography, for better business decisions and project management by making powerful spatial analysis and technological interventions with ease.

We love to help you understand your data and see how it relates to other things so you could create insights for smarter decisions.

We build desktop and web GIS applications using Free and Open Source GIS Software (FOSSGIS). We use QGIS Desktop and QGIS Server (Python plugin), PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer, Open Layer and Leaflat (JS library), among others.

Just some of our happy clients

web and app dev

We as a Company create custom web products that make business processes more efficient and help businesses grow.

We create fast, secure, and modern web products for various business depends on their needs and goals.

We develop web applications using Free and Open Source Software. For Database development we use different technologies such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB. In Back-End we use PHP (Laravel) and for Front-End we use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, among others.


Drumi i Vjetër, Dardani,
Prizren, Kosovo

Phone: (383) 49-877-575
E-Mail: [email protected]